Recruitment of live buyer partners!

Recruitment of live buyer partners!

200,000 a day, more than 1 million monthly income is not a dream

The more you sell, the higher your income!

You can start right away! 



You can work when you want to work

There is no monthly income limit because your income is the amount you sell!

Because you sell products in the store, you can start without inventory risk or purchaser!

You can decide the sales amount yourself!

No quota

If it can’t be sold, will you let me buy the goods?

Can it really make so much money?

I don’t speak Japanese very well, is that okay?

Since we only sell products from stores on LIVE, even if there are goods that can’t be sold, you don’t have to buy them! So don’t worry!

Live buyers of group company already have a monthly income of over 1 million! We have practical results!!

Since there are many non-Japanese employees, foreigners also can feel at ease in the environment



[If it doesn’t sell, do you buy the item?]

A.Absolutely not. Ask them to purchase only the sold products.


[Can you really make so much money?]
There is no guarantee that you will make money, but some buyers actually make about 1 million in about 8 hours a day, while others have 500,000, 100,000, or 10,000.

Since it will be sold on your own SNS, it is your ability to increase sales by increasing friend registrations.


[I don’t speak much Japanese, but is that okay?]
Yes.No problem. Rest assured that we have staff who can speak Chinese and English.



Actual video sales



募集職種 Recruitment of live buyer partners
店舗名 Yokohama (Live sales at home are possible if you have practical results)

Nationality: No matter

Preferential treatment: Those who are good at dealing with people from the Philippines and Southeast Asia can get better conditions

Please feel free to contact us first.

The location is Yokohama and the time needs to be discussed

If you have practical results, live sales at home are also OK. High income remotely



勤務時間 You can start right away!
給与 200,000 a day, more than 1 million monthly income is not a dream
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